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So my last update was in 2009 . . .

So I'm not dead . . . thats good right? I just disappeared for several years on a to secret government mission. Or not. I have no clue if anyone else even checks their LJ for I have not heard from anyone in like 3 billion years, but I am going to try and revive this journal. 

I don't even know where to start here so I'll wing it. I still watch the occasional anime but I'm not near as in to it any, it's mostly just me getting bored and re-watching old stuff. My cat passed away this summer. I've got a job at Subway now. My mom got a siamese kitten about two months ago. My mac is still my baby. I live with 2 other housemates in an upstairs apartment so I can actually leave my room, unlike in first year. I still hate snow. I am a ridiculously huge football fan now. I booked this Sunday off work so that I could watch the Super Bowl and my team isn't even playing. I still don't really have a social life, so I play WoW. I haven't listened to any Japanese, Korean, ect. music in more than a year, I'm actually really addicted instead to a combination of Florence and the Machine and the radio. I despise stats. My dads pug went blind. My little cousins now have their own computer. I have my G, but I'm not sure I ever want to drive again. I have amassed an lovely collection of Tv shows on DVD, including some seasons of Chuck, the complete series of Lexx and lots more Monk. I now like pasta, but I still hate sauce. 

And thats pretty much the 411 on what has happened in the past two years. 

Jan. 25th, 2009

umm . . . okay . . . so last chapter of Summertime Storm . . . two words BULLSHIT!


I wish I had of gone to Yaoi-con this year . . . but of course I didn't learn that they had Yamato Nase as a guest until now, way after the con >_<

I have nothing else to say really except that exams are coming up ((eek)) and Scrubs is the most amazing thing since cherry candy canes!


I am back~ I managed to finish all that crap I was procrastinating, so yay me~ Not too much new has happened in the past few days, I've been really bored though, I think I must have some sort of ADD cause I'll start doing something and I'll get distracted a couple of minutes later, it's highly irritating >_<

I don't know if I'm looking forward to the winter break or not any more, my mom is bugging me non stop to go back to Timmy Hoes for the break (meanwhile she was the biggest advocate in the beginning of not working at all first year) and I really don't want to go back there, all the people I liked working with are gone and there is a new manager, not to mention there is a chance they will only be required to pay me student minimum wage. I really for some reason never want to go back there to work. I'll have to try ad find a goodish job for the summer I suppose.

I had a really conflicting day of music. Diru until 4 and now DBSK until now. It's all like "Leeeeets SCREAMO!!" then "bouncy bouncy I LOVE YOU" songs . . . It's rather entertaining. 

My room is an utter disaster and I'm dying inside just being in it, but . . . I can't bring myself to clean . . . for I am made of awesome. I need to take out my garbage, and I need badly to do a laundry . . . I really need to clean of my desk too, and get the fly guts off my window. Not to mention there are books and such just flung wherever I happened to be reading at the time. I give myself a day before I crack and set to work cleaning in here. 

I've started drawing again too. I wonder why I ever stopped?? Meh, I tried to start writing for Nano this year, but my muse in general has taken semi-permanent hiatus I think. I want to write, but for a while now nothing I've started has even remotely grabbed my interest. I think I stick to the drawing and doodling for now. 

Anywho, I'm pretty boring today, so I think I'll sign off~



 Okay, so I've totally decided I'm updating this thing more often, mainly for lack of anything better to do >_> Or actually, for lack of will to do the essays that I'm supposed to be doing right now >_< Yah, thats right, big surprise, I'm procrastinating . . . whoopsage . . .

Anywho, what shall I talk about? No really . . . I haven't like . . . really posted here in forever . . . I'm out practice, rusty one might say~ Hmmm . . . something interesting . . .
A woman for duty, 
A boy for pleasure, 
But a melon for ecstasy

 thats right . . . you heard me . . . I am resorting to Turkish proverbs to remain interesting . . . but you so gotta love the turks for that, neh? 

I'm so running out of music to listen to >_> I've even resorted to buying CD's lately . . . that only satisfies my music needs for a short while though . .  although, I did play the new Nightmare before Christmas album non-stop for like a week >_> That however is besides the point! I need more music!! I only have a couple thousand songs, honestly, how am I supposed to survive on that!!!??? *is bricked* Ow . . . so yah, anyway, a new Diru album came out Uroborus I think it's called, it's totally amazing, brought back the love of Diru which I must admit had waned a tad. 

I totally did nothing on Halloween. Just sat in my room eating Hot Tamales and reading . . . and briefly watching Taiwanese horror flicks O.o Yah . . . I am pathetic . . . although, I did actually make my first trip to Walmart completely on my own . . . I was very pleased with myself, it was pretty much the first time I've been out by myself since I got here . . . didn't cha know? Peterborough is pretty sketch. You totally can't count my 2 hour walk from downtown a "me being out by myself" That an unfortunate occurance caused by English. 

I am totally running out of patience for my floor though . . . and no, I do not mean the floor in my room, I mean the rest of the people on my floor of the building. First there was all the vomiting and the guy who just throws his garbage outside his door, then there is the pizza box that was in our bathroom all weekend and remains there even now, then there is the fact that as soon as 11 o'clock hits, on like a monday night, they all gather together in the room across the hall from mine with the door wide open, and watch TV with the turned up as loud as they can get it, and then they try to talk over it . . . they really are total pricks. Oh well. I have my own room, that is all I ask for, I just have to keep telling myself that.

I've been watching way too many Japanese dramas lately. Tokyo Ghost Trip. Shigeshoshi the Embalmer. RH Plus. Maou. You'd think I'd have better things to do . . . nope . . . this is what happens when you trap me in my room for days at a time. They are so good though, especially Maou and Shigeshoshi. I'm almost done Maou though, so I am le sad. I also finished/started a bunch more anime and such . . . well . . . not started so much . . . I finished watching Antique bakery, the ending was such a gyp though. Started watching Black Butler, and reading, it's amazing!! Almost everything I've been into lately, even if it's not BL or anything, has a random Okama pop up outta nowhere! It's terribly hilarious. After reading the KHR manga I was a little disappointed that the anime failed to mention Lussurio (sp?) was an okama! then I found it like ten times as amusing when later on, Ryohei was MIA and the last they heard he was going to visit and okama in a bar! I laughed . . . lots . . . okama is crossdresser/transvestite type dealy for any of you who haven't read Okane ga Nai which I am also totally reading. I'm also re-watching King of Bandits Jing, for laughs ^_^ I want to get more of Monochrome Factor, manga and anime, although I think I like the manga better despite there being more BL in the anime, it seems way too forced in the anime. 

Damn . . . It totally happened again . . . I need to find some way to get a life outside the computer . . . I don't think It'll ever happen, people scare me too much for me to have much of a social life >_>

Hmm besides that? Did anyone ever tell you Kafka was a crazy bitch? I totally love him! Not him him, his stories him! I just wish I could concentrate enough to write this stupid essay outline on him . . . fucking TA I hate outlines, just let me write the goddamn essay bitch~

Anyway, I think I better stop it at that for tonight and get back to my essays  . . . (see:watch the next episode of Junjyo Romantica) 

TaTa for now my loves~

Hello once again. This time I have about 10 minutes to post before i go to work. What should I ramble on about hm? *yawns* fuck thinking, it takes way too much effort. I'm warm comfy and half asleep . . . I really don't want to move >_> It snowed a little last night . . . i was angry. Why can't we get rid of that fucking white shit out there, honesty now. In other news, I have no other news. . .w00t go me. I need to get some sort of hobby that doesn't involve me just sitting on my ass all day. Ramble Ramble RantRamblerambleramblerantrantrantrambl... BLAH. Why oh why must 2 hours go by so quickly? And why oh why must I love money ever so much. Without the need for money, there would be no need for work wouldn't that be lovely. Anybody who says differently obviously doesn't work at the Ho's. Two more minutes. . . . One minute . . . does this remind anyone of a countdown?

Sorry if these random pre-work posts are getting annoying >_<;;; I'll try and cease them in the near future. M'kay?
Two minutes before i have to get ready to work. Must not waste them . . . . oh wait one minute . . . nevermind then . . . END POST

Mar. 16th, 2008

So . . . last day of March Break eh? I think I would have rather been at school for the week were I to be honest >_> Crappiest March Break I've ever had. Probably better than some peoples and worse than others. Lets see . . . what did I do this break? Well . . . I worked some . . . and I worked, did I also mention I worked? I did have some time off, not nearly enough, but meh, I'm not the only one who had to work I'm betting.

So why was it so crappy? I don't even know, I just hated it with a bloody passion and I think I'm pretty glad that it's over, it seemed to never end really.

It wasn't all bad, I got to hang out with crimson_raining and Bean and the lot of them for a few hours . . . and umm . . . well . . . yah . . . thats the highlight of the break I think . . .

I found a great new writing program for the mac. I love it to death and i think i might buy it after the trial period thing is over. I also totally forgot about the jump_exchange until like . . . yesterday, so yah . . . go me. I also forgot bout the writers homework and the history paragraph, woops. I'm really good with the whole memory thing >_> I'll hopefully be able to bring myself to finish it tonight when I get home from work, since i get off at 6. I doubt it though . . . i procrastinate . . . alot >_>.

I have decided also that people are all idiots and that i should never wait for them for any reason. Fuck tards. Don't expect anything from anyone then theres no disappointments, right?

Went to East Sides for supper last night, random manager guy came up to us out of no where and gave us a coupon for 25$ the next time we ate at East Sides. I was like, fuck yes man free food~~ My thought process ladies and gentlemen.

I like my room, it's so much better than not my room. Maybe I should become a hikokomori? Whaddya think?

This is a very random babbling post. I feel like Luna in mistful's summary of the last Harry Potter movie XD.

I was bored so I started re-watching Full Metal, cause I'm a loser like that and I have rediscovered the love of Envy.

Wow . . . I'm kinda boring . . . meh. I compell you . . . continue to read~~~ I might get interesting~~~

Not XP

Well I'd better go, work and all. Beacons me yaknow? Oh, thats right? Did everyone know minimum wage is going up again? to like 8.75 . . . Random fact number 4815162342 If anyone else gets that I'll be oh so proud. . . not that it matters anymore . . . One of these days I'd like to have another nice upbeat post . . . but I can never find the time when I'm feeling good to write in here. That must bode well, being as this is my first post in a while right? Anyway, off topic. I must toddle off to the Hoes. I'll be seeing you~~

Of Mac's and Menopause . . .

Hello all, how art thou? It hast been forever and a day since i updated, truely, so I though I would before I am condemned to work TT^TT. 

First and Foremost, or should I say Foreman *is shot* aanyway, what I meant to say is that I now have all seasons of House currently on DVD. Go me >D I also have all seasons of Lost which is an amazing show that everyone should get hooked on and love until the end of time amen. No . . . seriously . . . anyway . . . next item of business. 

Jamie came back to Timmy Hoes . . . I am so happy . . . he was like . . . the only person I was not deathly afraid of when I started working there ^___^ and Sabrina has come back on the afternoon shift, bring back bonnie and bethany and I'll have the whole gang again XD 

Futureshop dicked me around again, needless to say I never ever want to set foot in that shop again.

And finally, I regret to inform that my illustrious fireplace . . . . has menopause *headdesk* I'm guessing the month long period where it wouldn't work at all was it's midlife crisis. Now it only works occasionally, without ryhme or reason and only sometimes responds to my furious button pressing, woe is me, perhaps I shalt call the fireplace place again. Anyway, I'm running short on time (by which i mean I will be late if I continue on). Farethewell my fairweather friends, and until next time SAME BAT TIME, SAME BAT CHANNEL~!~!~!~!~ 

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